Australian idiots. no, not the Hemsworth's.

"Hi, we're 5 seconds of summer, and this is our new drummer Ashton"
So basically....these idiots that are on my blog, are my idols, and yeah I know what you're thinking. Yes, you are right. I chose the right people, because these ordinary people, with extra-ordinary jobs, just so happened to save my life.

I went on YouTube and I looked at our own videos […] and I was looking at the YouTube comments, and they’re just so mean.

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at 3 am probaby

  • luke's wife: who are u talking to
  • luke: uh.... jake from state farm
  • luke's wife: tell me who
  • luke: no really its jake from state f-
  • luke's wife: give me that [steals phone] who is this
  • michael: i'm wearing khakis